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My name is Rachel Darden, the owner of RDesigns Studio. We specialize in marketing through brand design, packaging design, and graphic design. We work with beauty and lifestyle brands like yours.

Welcome to the studio!

We are a boutique creative design studio. We believe that great design starts with an idea that leads to a new way of finding a solution.


Our goal is to create work that is timeless, engages customers, and rallies a community.

Onboarding Checklist

These are action items to be accomplished in your first two weeks of working with us.

Complete questionnaire form

Submit requirements

Complete assessments

Attend onboarding meeting with your designer


You'll receive a personalized google drive folder. All homework and files will be uploaded to that folder. You'll also receive a Client portal where you'll be able to stay on task with all homework due.

Client Homework

Before your given start date, you'll have 1 homework assignment to complete. In your Dubsado client portal, you'll have a questionnaire to fill out. This form should take about an hour to fill out.


Please note this assignment is due 48 hours before your start date. failure to submit this will delay your project timeline.

Schedule your onboarding meeting

After your work has been submitted, please schedule your onboarding call. Please select any time that best fits your schedule on your selected start date. During this call we'll discuss your submitted questionnaire, review our process, and answer any other questions you'll have for us.


No refunds are allowed. Sorry, once the deposit is paid we start on the project right away. For that reason alone we do not refund once the project has been started and contracts have been signed.

All communication will take place via email, or scheduled meeting.

All content is due within 48 hours of your start date. If not received your project can be delayed or terminated.


If additional time is needed to complete the project, the client is required to pay an additional fee for each day the project goes beyond your initial deadline.

You are given one grace period if you need to reschedule your start date. For every time afterward, there will be a minimum of $430 rescheduling fee to secure a new start date.

All payments can be made via debit or credit card.

You are given 2 FREE revisions before we finalize the project. After those 2 are used there will be an extra an additional fee added to your bill depending on the scope of the work.

What's Next?

Access your client portal in Dubsado.

Along with the link to this page, you'll receive a link and password to your personal client portal in Dubsado. There you'll be able to view your contract, invoices, emails, and forms.

Access your Google drive folder.

You'll also receive a link to your google drive folder. There you'll be able to upload and view your design files.

Complete your first Homework assignment.

Please fill out your questionnaire form and submit It 48 hours prior to you given start date. After submitting your form, you'll receive an email to schedule our meeting.

Attend onboarding meeting with your designer.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you on this new project!

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