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5 Tips On How To Start A Small Business

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

1. Just get STARTED! A lot of people think you need to have all of your "ducks in a row" in order to start a business, but thats not true! The most important part is that you start somewhere. Even if you start small. Don't let perfectionism stall you from beginning your new career.

2. Have a budget in mind. Before leaving your 9-5, have a proper savings in place. Be realistic and write down how you will manage paying your bills the first few months of entrepreneurship.

3. Make use of free resources. There are a ton of free options on how to get a head of the game. Find free e-courses to perfect your craft , sign up for free webinars, and listen to podcasts that are focused on the industry that you're trying to get into.

4. Get a clear understanding of your brand. The biggest mistake most people make in establishing a brand is not sticking with your brand values and fail to create content that will help establish the right audience for your brand.

5. If you're not a designer then get one! A budget friendly one, of course. Good designs will get you further in the long run. Whether it is a logo, website, or business cards you'll benefit by saving less time and we all know that time is money that you can't get back! If you're looking for one then lets get started now!

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